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Is there Nyi Roro Kidul.


The myth of Nyi Roro Kidul.
Nyi Roro Kidul.

Now again widely discussed Nyi Roro Kidul? How do people who believe in the law?

Alhamdulillah was shalatu was salamu 'ala rasulillah, wa ba'du

The phenomenon is quite strange to our society is the occult hobby. Their curiosity for all who bounce overflow heresy. In fact there are those who spend their time, treasure, and all that he had, to dismantle the veil of the occult. He was not aware, in truth he was a puppet at the mercy of the devil. Naturally, if virtually all mass media is no empty of heresy. Unfortunately, they do not examine natural law genie with a glass eye, but through speakers healer and psychic.

The phenomenon of Nyi Roro Kidul is one such example. Society is busy discussing, without any benefits that he got. Even if he is really there, what he could to help solve our problems? Even if we know him, what we are getting good luck? Or charity we become more perfect?

Is there Nyi Roro Kidul? 

Ahlus Sunnah and the Muslims mayortias agreed that the jinn exist. In contrast to liberal thought which denies the existence of creatures such as the genie. They assume that the genie is not a concrete thing but poor mental strength. But they are clearly wrong and do not need to be ogled.

Thus, we agree that the jinn exist, although it is perceived by humans can not, as Allah has made clear in his word,

يا بني آدم لا يفتننكم الشيطان كما أخرج أبويكم من الجنة ينزع عنهما لباسهما ليريهما سوءاتهما إنه يراكم هو وقبيله من حيث لا ترونهم إنا جعلنا الشياطين أولياء للذين لا يؤمنون
"O son of Adam, let not you be deceived by the devil, as he has released two mother-your father from heaven; he stripped off his clothes of both to show the two-to-'auratnya. Indeed, the devil and his followers see you from a place (there) you can not see them. Indeed, We have made the devils leaders for people who do not believe. "(Qs. Al-A'raf: 27)

Word of Allaah in the verse, "Behold, the devil and his followers can see you from a place (there) you can not see them," indicating that humans can not see jinn, namely on their original shape.

However, the genie can be transformed into another creature, so that it can is perceived by humans. Both the seen, heard, or touched. As the story of Abu Hurayrah radi 'anhu in the following hadith,

From Abu Hurayrah radi 'anhu, that he has been assigned the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam to keep Ramadan zakat. The next night a thief came and took food. He was immediately arrested by Abu Hurayrah. "I'll report you to the Messenger sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam." Even this pitiful man. For release because he craves and have dependents. In this thief must let loose. At noon, the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam asked Abu Huraira about last night. Once given the statements, the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: "He's lying, he would go back again." Yes, on the second night he came again. Arrested Abu Hurayrah, and pleading, then he loose. The third night he came again. This time there is no forgiveness. He too is asking is released. "Let me go, I'll teach you some good reading." He says:

إذا أويت إلى فراشك, فاقرأ آية الكرسي: {الله لا إله إلا هو الحي القيوم}, حتى تختم الآية, فإنك لن يزال عليك من الله حافظ, ولا يقربنك شيطان حتى تصبح
"If you're going to sleep, read the paragraph seat until the end of the paragraph. Then there will be a guard from Allah to you, and Satan will not approach you until morning. "

In the morning, this incident was reported to the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam. then he said: "This time he was right, even though originally he was a liar." (HR. Bukhari 2311)

Were arrested by Abu Hurairah that time was a genie who transformed into another form. When explaining this hadith, al-Hafiz Ibn Hajar said, "Jin sometimes transformed with various forms making it possible for people to see it. Word of Allaah, 'Verily the devil and his followers see you from a place (there) you can not see them,' specially on the condition of the original shape as he was created. "(Fath Bari, 4: 489).

As the genie can blossom like a small child, the genie can also be transformed into other creatures as illustrated by man. It could be transformed jin bald like a child who likes to steal, then our society termed the tuyul, or transformed as a long-haired woman with a pale face, later termed the kuntilanak, can also form a pocong, or other models. Of course it will be different again with the model occult societies in other parts of the region. Some are illustrated as vampires or Dracula, or the undead like zombies. Although the models ghosts 'abroad' is not known in our society, as a model kuntilanak also not known in Chinese society.

Whatever it is, it's not clear all their original form, but change their form of 'reported' ever seen by humans. While various terms in circulation, tuyul, kuntilanak, vampire, etc.. everything is pure naming of the community.

Not much different from the case of Nyi Roro Kidul. Indeed it is a change of state genie who reported ever seen one. Then her picture and called Nyi Roro Kidul. However, once again, it's not the original face. That incarnation of the genie's face. Therefore, it could be manifested as Ratu Kidul was not just one but many jin jin. When he wants to invite the attention of someone who is 'idolized' at Ratu Kidul, the nosy genie is then transformed themselves transformed as the face of the queen, and deceive people who view it. It fooled when there are people who feel proud after met Roro Kidul picture moving, she thought she met the Queen of South, while the original is being cheated genie.

Seasoning occult. 

To make it look convincing, the fans Ratu Kidul up stories and storytelling in the name of history. They are nothing to do-it's the story lies with historical footage that has absolutely nothing to do. That superstition activists disseminated occult and paranormal, to create curiosity for consumers fool around.

This part that you must be aware of. Because it is a true act of the shamans and psychics, who claimed themselves had a close relationship with the genie, to lure patients. Unfortunately, the media and celebrities exaggerate the comments they, thus attracting the attention of many people.

We hope that the authorities helped curb this problem, so the television show where we will be educating.

Nyi Roro Kidul believe in, Shirk? 

There are two things that need to be differentiated to address this case,

First, if the extent of believing that there are people who see the genie was transformed into creatures like Roro Kidul, then he is described as being queen, insyaaAllah no problem and not part of shirk. Because Islam does not reject reality. Only, that was the problem, did claim the person who claimed to see the queen? Or only a fantasy and hallucination. Or even it could be only a dream. Perhaps, this is the third one that is more common.

Given all the news about this could be true and could be wrong, do not need to think about choice and be cool, inshallah better, although not deny if there are people who claim to have honestly never seen it. Because believe and do not believe it at all does not give effect to our lives.

Second, trust in the form of glorifying
As with the exalting. Nyi Roro Kidul trust in the form of exalting himself, or drawing, or give offerings to him, so he does not disturb human, legal shirk. Allah says,

ويوم يحشرهم جميعا يا معشر الجن قد استكثرتم من الإنس وقال أولياؤهم من الإنس ربنا استمتع بعضنا ببعض وبلغنا أجلنا الذي أجلت لنا قال النار مثواكم خالدين فيها إلا ما شاء الله
Remember the day when He will gather them all together (and God said): "O jinn class, you actually have a lot of misleading people", and said his friends meraka of human groups: "Our Lord, indeed some of us have taken advantage of the most (the other) and we have come to the time that you have set for us. " Allah says: "Hell is the place where you dwell, are you dwell therein, except if Allah wills (other)". (QS. Al-An'am: 128)

Who are discussed in this paragraph?
Ibn Jurayj explained,

In the past when people did safar Ignorance, then they are going through the valley, they read, "I seek refuge with the ruler (leader jin) of this valley." That form of 'exploit some of their others' then the They begged forgiveness on the Day of Resurrection (Tafseer Ibn Kathir, 3: 338)

The attitude of those who send float, as a form of Nyi Roro Kidul offerings to, or offerings of any nature, as a form of devotion to Roro Kidul when they wanted to see, that's the form of shirk.

Nyai Roro painter dies. 

Who does not know the character of the legendary Nyai Roro Kidul during this? Everyone knows how the figure of Nyai Roro Kidul is described. Powered by stories that seem mystical of Nyai Roro Kidul, almost all related to Nyai Roro Kidul is believed by the public. One is the death of a painter to paint the figure of the Queen of the South after this.

            Nyai Roro Kidul in the form of a woman describing community with beautiful and graceful flawless. This is an interesting figure painters to express their work by painting Nyai Roro Kidul without knowing how the original form so as to make the painter was unlucky because it describes a form of Nyai in vain.

            Basuki Abdullah is a painter Nyi Roro Kidul. Painting Basuki placed in a hotel room Pelabuhan Ratu, West Java. Her work is simply beautiful ultimately sacred by the community. Although quite beautiful, it turns Nyi Roro Kidul may not accept the reality described by Basuki. One day a naturalist painter visited Parangtritis beach is known as the world's coastal connecting man with nature Nyai Roro Kidul by wearing a green shirt. After a few days, Abdullah was found murdered in his house tragically.

            The same fate experienced by Didik Suardi, painter of Solo was once painted figure of Nyai Roro Kidul. Tragically after a week of painting is finished, he suddenly died .. In previous years, there was a painter of the same boat with Didik Solo Suardi, namely Suhardjo. He completed the painting of Nyai with sickness, so not long after the painter's death.
Thank you for reading this article. Written and posted by Bambang Sunarno. 
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Nyi Roro Kidul.

Queen Nyi Roro Kidul.
Popular picture of Nyi Roro Kidul form, wearing a green dress.
Nyi Roro Kidul (also Nyai Roro Kidul or Nyai Loro Kidul) is a figure of legendary Indonesian spirit or goddess who is very popular among the people of the island of Java and Bali. This figure is known as the Queen of the South Sea (Indian Ocean) and is generally equated with Kanjeng Queen of South, although some actually two different circles.
In Javanese mythology, Kanjeng Ratu Kidul is a creation of god Kaping Telu that fills the natural life as the Goddess of Rice (Dewi Sri) and other natural goddess. While Nyi Rara Kidul originally a Sundanese kingdom of the daughter of his father banished her stepmother caused. In the process, people tend to equate Nyi Rara Kidul with Kanjeng Queen of South, although the belief Javanese Nyi Rara Kidul is a loyal subordinate Kanjeng Queen of South.
Nyai Loro Kidul Position as Queen of Java became a popular motif in folklore and mythology, as well as associated with beauty daughters Sundanese and Javanese.
Nyai Roro Kidul is also known by various names reflect the different stories of its origins, legends, mythology, and stories passed down through generations. He is commonly called by the name Queen of the South Seas and Kanjeng Gusti Ratu Kidul. According to the customs of Java, the use of titles such as Nyai, Kanjeng, and God called it very important for the sake of politeness. People also call it a grandparent (grandmother). In the form of a kind of mermaid, he is referred to as Nyai Blorong.
Sometimes people also refer to as Nyai Loro Kidul name. Javanese loro is a homograph for "two - 2" and "pain, suffering". While Javanese rara (or roro) means "girl". A Dutch ortografer estimate the change from ancient Javanese language is the language of the new Java roro loro, resulting in a change in the meaning of "pretty girl" becomes "sick".

Sundanese legend.

Sundanese people familiar with the legend of the spiritual ruler of the South Sea region of West Java in the form of a beautiful woman called Nyi Rara Kidul. Legend originating from the Kingdom Sunda of Pajajaran aged older than legend Islamic Mataram kingdom from the 16th century. Nevertheless, the research community antropologi and Javanese and Sundanese culture directs that the legend of Queen of the South Sea of ​​Java is likely to come from prehistoric animistic beliefs much older, pre-Hindu goddess of the ocean south-Buddhist. The waves of the Indian Ocean on the south coast of Java malignant, storms and sometimes tsunami, has raised the possibility of respect and fear of the forces of nature, which is then regarded as the spiritual nature of the gods and that inhabit the southern oceans, led by their queen, a goddess, who later identified as Queen of South.

Goddess Kadita.

One of the Sundanese folklore tells Kadita Goddess, the beautiful princess of the kingdom of Pajajaran Sundanese in West Java, who fled to the southern ocean after use-hex. Hexes are removed by a shaman on the orders of rival in the palace, and make the daughter disgusting skin disease. He jumped into the choppy sea of ​​malignant and be healed and back beautiful. The lelembut then lifted into a queen-lelembut legendary Southern Ocean.
Similar version is Kadita Goddess, the only daughter of King Munding fragrance of the Kingdom of Padjadjaran. Because of her beauty, she was nicknamed the Goddess of Sunrise (lit. "Sun Goddess"). Although it has a beautiful daughter, the King Munding Fragrant sad because he does not have a son who can succeed him as king. King then married to Goddess Pearls and get son from the marriage. Dewi Mutiara wanted her son can be king without any obstacles in the future, so he tried to get rid of the Goddess Kadita. Pearl Goddess to King and asked him to send Kadita away from the palace. King said that he was not going to let anyone who wants to act rude to her daughter. Hearing the answer, Dewi Mutiara sweet smile and said to the king no longer upset him.
The next morning, before sunrise, Dewi Mutiara sent her maid to call a soothsayer. He asked the shaman to meneluh Kadita. In the evening, the body Kadita filled scabies itching, foul smelling and full of ulcers. He cried not know what to do. King invited many physician to cure Kadita and realize that the disease is not reasonable, must have come from witchcraft. Queen Dewi Mutiara forced the king cast his daughter because it is considered to bring bad luck for the whole country. Because the king did not want his daughter into gossip around the country, he was forced to approve the proposal to send her daughter Queen Pearls out of their country.
Kadita left wandering aimlessly alone and can hardly cry anymore. She was not revenge on her stepmother, but requested that Kersa Trance with him in suffering. Almost seven days and seven nights, he finally arrived in the Southern Ocean. Ocean water was clean and clear, unlike other ocean blue or green. Suddenly he heard a magical voice that told him to plunge into the South Sea. He jumped and swam, Southern Ocean eliminate boil water without leaving a trace, she even more beautiful. He has power over the Southern Ocean and into a goddess Nyi Rara Kidul called immortal. Palabuhanratu Coast region specifically associated with this legend.

Banyu Bening Putri Kencana Bracelet.

In one of the Sundanese folklore, Banyu Bening (lit. "Clear Water") became the queen of the kingdom Joyo Kulon. He suffered from leprosy and then ventured to the south. He swallowed huge waves and disappeared into the ocean.

Bird's nest.

Nyai Loro Kidul is the patron goddess of the bird's nest collectors in southern Java. The collector down the cliff using a rope of coconut fibers up to about a height of nine meters (30 feet) above sea level. There, they wait for the waves on the porch of bamboo, then plunged and swept into the cave entrance. In total darkness, they take a bird's nest and put in their bags. The return journey is also very dangerous and requires a timely manner, so as not to get carried away ferocious waves.
Java bird's nest bird's nest is one of the best in the world. Bird's nest soup is marketed in China, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore Nyai Loro Kidul is dedicated to, according to the writing of Sultan Agung. There are three types of crops, namely Unduan-Kesongo (April), Unduan-Eggs (August, mostly), and Unduan-Kepat (December). Rongkob and Karang Bolong located on the south coast of Central Java is famous as a place to collect the bird's nest (called Salanganen or Collocalia fuciphaga). Harvesting process known as also performed puppet shows and ritual dance accompanied by gamelan music. After the harvest is complete, public offerings called "Nyai Loro Kidul Beds". The offerings are hung along with batik cloth and mirrors are placed on green cushions.

Relationship with Nyi Blorong.

Nyai Loro Kidul sometimes described tangible mermaid with lower body intangible snake or fish, sometimes also described as a very beautiful woman takes a soul believed .He whoever he wants. Sometimes it is called has the form of a snake. This belief may stem from the legend of Padjadjaran daughter who suffered leprosy. Skin diseases experienced by the daughter of the possibilities considered the same as a snake sheds its skin. Although it is true Blorong Nyi Nyi Rara Kidul subordinate who neglect their duties and trying to mislead mankind

Dutch writings about Indonesia.

The term trustee is aimed at teachers of Islam comes from the Arabic (meaning "saint"), but the title comes from the Javanese Sunan. Sunan Kalidjaga Wali Sanga is one of the most popular, and he has a deep connection with Nyai Loro Kidul because aspects of the water (fishing in the north coast of Java, times have meaning "river"). Panembahan Senopati Ingalaga (1584-1601), founder of the Mataram imperial expansion, seeking support from the Southern Ocean goddesses (Queen of South Kanjeng Nyai Loro Kidul adan) in Pemancinang in southern Java.
He became a special protective Mataram noble family. Senopati dependence on Sunan Nyai Loro Kidul Kalidjaga and according to historical records reflect Mataram dynasty ambivalent towards Islam and indigenous Javanese beliefs.

Prohibition green dress.

Warning is always given to those who visit the south coast for not wearing green clothing. Myth they can be subjected Nyai Rara Kidul to be soldiers or servants (slaves), but actually it's because the sea water on the south coast tends greenish color, and will be hard to find if there is a drowning victim using a green dress.
There is a local belief that if you wear green colored clothing to make it so as to make the wearer crushed by misfortune, because green is his favorite color. The green color of the sea (gadhung m'lathi in Javanese) is a favorite color Nyi Roro Kidul and there should not be wearing the colors along the southern coast of Java.

Queen of the South Seas.

Queen of the South Seas is a term that generally refers to two figures, namely Kanjeng Ratu Kidul and Nyi Roro Kidul. This figure is very popular among the people of the island of Java and Bali. Belief in the existence of ruling the seas in the south of Java (Indian Ocean) is mainly known by the Sundanese and Javanese. The Balinese also believe that there are forces that controlled the south coast.

Legend of Sunda.

Nyi Roro Kidul (Nyai Loro Kidul is also called) is a legendary figure in Indonesia which is very popular among the people of the island of Java and Bali. This figure is known as the Queen of the South Sea (Indian Ocean). According to legend Sundanese, Nyi Rara Kidul originally a Sundanese kingdom of the daughter of the banished father caused her stepmother. In the process, people tend to equate Nyi Rara Kidul with Kanjeng Queen of South. Nyai Loro Kidul Position as Queen-lelembut of Java became a popular motif in folklore and mythology, as well as associated with beauty daughters Sundanese and Javanese.

Javanese belief.

Kanjeng legend of Ratu Kidul is very popular among the people of the island of Java and Bali. He has power over harsh waves of the Indian Ocean palace located in the heart of the ocean. In Javanese mythology, Kanjeng Ratu Kidul is a creation of god Kaping Telu. He filled nature of life as the Goddess of Rice (Dewi Sri) and davit other realms.
According to belief, it is the spiritual partner of the sultan of Mataram and Yogyakarta, starting from Senapati Panembahan until now. He also became the spiritual wife Susuhunan Surakarta. History of most observers thought, belief Kanjeng Ratu Kidul is made to legitimize the power of the Mataram dynasty.
Kraton Surakarta call Kanjeng Kencono Sari Ratu Ayu. He is believed to be able to change shape several times a day. Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX describes the experience of spiritual encounter with the Queen; he can change shape and appearance, as a young woman usually at the time of the full moon, and as the old woman at another time.
In Javanese beliefs, Kanjeng Ratu Kidul has a loyal servant named Nyai or Nyi Rara Kidul. Nyi Rara Kidul love the green color and is believed likes to take people who are wearing green clothes are on the beach its territory to be used as servants or soldiers. Because of this, visitors tour the southern coast of Java Island, both in Pelabuhan Ratu, Pangandaran, Cilacap, the beaches in the south of Yogyakarta, until purwa Peninsula in the east end, is always reminded to not wear green.

Ratu Ayu Pagedongan.

Pagedongan queen is the daughter of Raden Panji, a son of the king Jenggala, with Dyah Retnaning Wind-Wind who is the daughter lelembut. When opening the forest (tripe) Sigaluh, white banyan tree that is central to the fallen kingdom come lelembut. Spirit lelembut king, King Banjaran Seta, into the body of Raden Panji so that he becomes more powerful. Thus, forests power Sigaluh and lelembut into his kingdom. Dyah Retnaning Wind-Wind is the younger brother of King Banjaran Seta.
When Queen Hayu born, grandfather Grandmother named Queen Hayu Sindhula came and gave her the name Queen Pagedongan with the hope that he became the most beautiful woman in the entire universe. After growing up, the Queen asks her grandfather to Pagedongan eternal beauty. This can happen only if the Queen Pagedongan be lelembut. After becoming lelembut, Raden Panji handed the southern ocean at the mercy of her daughter, until the time he met with Wong Agung ("great man") who ruled Java.

Lara Kidul Nawangwulan Goddess.

Lara Kidul is queen Goddess Nawangwulan a small kingdom in the kingdom of Majapahit. He is the king of Malay descent taken by Bhre Wengker law (1456-1466), a king of Majapahit. Her husband is Jake Tarub, while he himself became one of the seven nymphs who bathe in the lake. Both have a daughter named Dewi Nawangsih. Nawangsih married to Raden Bondan Kejawan or Ox Peteng, prince of Majapahit which was adopted by Jake Tarub. Both are fathers of Panembahan Senapati, founder of the Sultanate of Mataram.
In the legend, when Nawangwulan up in Khayangan, he was rejected because it was smelling man. Nawang Wulan back down to earth but does not intend to return to her husband. He climbed mountains and jumped into the sea Merbabu south of suicide. In the southern ocean, Nawang Wulan Nyi Nyi Roro Kidul perperang with and gained the victory, so he controlled the southern ocean. Thus, Nawangwulan be one of the three rulers of the southern ocean in addition Nyi Nyi Roro Kidul and Blorong.
In another version, the ruler of rulers Nawangwulan Khayangan make the South Sea because he was not worthy to live in Khayangan, but also does not deserve to return to live among humans on Earth. Since then, Nawangwulan known as Nyi Roro Kidul.

Legend of Batak.

The main article for this section are: biding Sea
Queen Bilqis.
Bodhisattva Kwan Im the South Seas.
The main article for this section are: Kwan Im
Great studio ocean gate decorated giant statue of Kwan Im the South Seas.
Kwan Im is the bodhisattva of compassion in Mahayana Buddhism. He vowed not to rest until he had freed all sentient beings from the suffering of samsara (or repeated rebirth into the world). In China, the fishermen prayed for him to survive in the sea for fishing. That is why Bodhisattva Kwan Kwan Im Im also dubbed the South Seas, which actually refers to the South China Sea.
In the event of diaspora Chinese population in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia, South Sea Kwan Im regarded as the protector of immigrants. The whole region in southern China (including the South China Sea) is believed to be under the protection of (power) Kwan Im. Therefore, the worship of Kwan Im quite popular in Indonesia, for example in the Great studio in Surabaya temple and monastery Nam Hai Pu Sa Kwan Se Im in Simpenan, Sukabumi.
Daughter of the King of Thailand to IV.
According to legend circulating in the temple of Kwan Se Im Nam Hai Pu Sa, Simpenan, Sukabumi, Queen of the South Coast is the daughter of the King of Thailand,  the fifth king of the Chakri dynasty, Chulalongkorn. Thank you for reading this article. Written and posted by Bambang Sunarno. 
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What is the difference between black magic and white magic.

Black magic and white magic is a supernatural lessons about mastering the things that are irrational or born outside the human mind. In this case is the study of matters relating to the world of the occult or secret nature. For example dreamy science, the science of pellets, the science of hypnosis and so on.

In general, science is divided into two, namely black magic and white magic. Which gives the label of black magic and white magic are the general public, not God and not the owner of the science itself.
Black magic is occult sciences are studied in ways that deviate from the rules of religion and the general public and used to deceive others. For example, the science of black magic, witchcraft and the like. People abroad have called black magic.
Black magic is a science that involves working with the help of evil spirits or demons. Science is usually used to do evil that is harming others or harming others.
While white is the science of the occult sciences studied in ways that do not deviate from the rules of religion and the general public and tend to be used to do good, even white magic can also be used to do evil.
Science is a science that is considered white gets blessing from the almighty. Science can be the help of good spirits or in the form of excess grace of the almighty. For example, the intercession of the saints, miracles of the prophets, and the like sciences possessed by ordinary people.
But there are also those who argue that it is not science but the same color, no black magic and white magic because everything comes from God. In my opinion, this opinion is based solely on the origin of science alone, and all knowledge is derived from the power of God.
However, based on the ways to obtain the knowledge and ways to use it, eventually people classify them as a class of black magic and white magic, although any kind of real knowledge comes from God.

Tip accessing the subconscious energy. 

Super consciousness, or inner strength of our mind, or magic power of our mind, or the mind of the natural greatness resides in the human subconscious.
Because of this, many books that discuss writing west mystery man supernatural powers, generally called it the Power of the Subconscious
If the reader ever seen a variety of views about hypnotism on television, that's a bit of proof that the human subconscious that keep a very great potential for use to a wide range of interests, including hypnoterapi.
Hypnoterapi usually practiced by those who have studied the theory and practice of hypnotisme.
Hypnoterapi usually used to treat people affected psykhosomatis, such as trauma and severe damage dipresi so paralyzed body physiology, heart disease, stroke and so on.
Energy used by the therapist that hypnotherapy is a conscious force, which has then flowed / in imbaskan to the hospital to explore and evoke the power of the unconscious patient.
So actually treat patients adi psykhosomatis is aware of his own power that raised by the therapist as a hypnotherapist.
Without having the power of the subconscious, sipasien will not heal. Just as humans have white blood cells to anti-body. Medication from a doctor, for example, antibiotics, will not be helpful if people do not have the white blood cells.
We can access, generate and harness the power of conscious adi / strength of our subconscious in the following way:
1.   First the reinforced our faith and devotion to God and her principled. We worship him late to him that we ask for help, so they do not drag the devil at the time of contemplation / meditation. For Muslims, do wird Alfatihah as much as possible, at least 9 times in particular as he took in the meaning of the verses (interpretation of its first learn, memorize and permeates means).
2.   Do breathing exercises triangle, ie close your eyes, breathe slowly from your nose 9 counts; close your eyes, hold your breath and hold the ninth count of the stomach, close your eyes breath slowly release the 9 count, while sitting cross-legged, back straight, do the repetitive cycle stages and continues nonstop ranging from 3 minutes, 6 minutes, 9 minutes and so on, could.
3.   Do exercises contemplation / meditation with the supine position on the bed, all the clothes are loosened, quiet place. For Muslims, read the letter silently Alfatihah 9 times while absorbed its meaning, as the magical castle against demonic interference that may drag us during meditation. While wird Alfatihah, concentration-the senses to the second heart sound and vibration throughout the heart and blood vessels behind. If it feels, concentrate on the blood of the heart murmur throughout the body. If it was, do everything possible relaxation of a few minutes. If it fell asleep, not what. Do this exercise about 30-60 minutes once the exercise. Do it at least once a week.  Do it at least once a week.
4.   If the above process is smooth, start to test our conscious access adi premises to provide suggestions or orders to our conscious adi at bedtime. The trick is that we have done as above contemplation, commanded adi aware that we were awakened at 2 am or 3 nights, we sat asleep on. If your process is good practice contemplation and true, then surely you will wake up in the night suit your message. If it is awakened, immediately do prayer tahajud, giving thanks to God. God means you are allowed to have a license to start surfing the world of metaphysics, having fun enjoying the greatness of Allah SWT.
5.   After performing such tests repeatedly, start ordering adi conscious ability to generate Motion Sense. Ie move your limbs and senses, by the power of the subconscious, not orders left and right brain. Start by ordering your hands move on their own, vibrating, massaging etc.. When it is smooth, start your own command to treat pain, such as hand massage head told you that headache or body aches. If it is smooth, you will feel strange that your hands can stir yourself treat your illness, but you never learned massage.
6.   If all the above is smooth, started to experiment further and thrilling. Thank you for reading this article. Written and posted by Bambang Sunarno.
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Did you know Dani.

Dani tribe is a tribe that inhabited the region in the Baliem Valley known since hundreds of years ago as a skilled farmer and have been using tools / utensils were found to be known at the beginning of the use of technology has known stone axes, knives are made from animal bones, bamboo and also made ​​using wooden spears famous excavation very strong and heavy. Dani still many wearing "penis gourds" (Male Pubic cover) made ​​of Kunden / yellow squash and the women wear clothing wah derived from grass / fiber and stay in "honai-honai" (thatched roof huts / reeds). Large ceremonies and religious, tribal warfare is still carried out (albeit not as much earlier).

Dani tribal women.
Dani tribes inhabiting the Baliem Valley area. Is one of the Largest tribe inhabiting Central Highlands region of Papua. In addition to Dani, Central Highlands region of Papua inhabited by tribes, Ekari, Moni, Damal, Amugme and some other sub tribes.
Dani tribal women.

Dani some communities embrace Christianity under the influence of European missionaries who came to the place and set up missionary missions around the year 1935 when the Dutch government to build the town of Wamena. Geographical conditions of residence Dani's own as well as in the central highlands of Papua, consisting of high mountains and some snowy peak and broad valleys. Contours of the land itself is composed of calcareous soils and granite and the surrounding valley is a mix of muddy soil settles with clay and loam. Its own wet tropical regions because it is influenced by the location of the height of the sea surface and air temperatures vary between 80-200Celcius, the average temperature of 17.50 Celsius with 152.42 days per year of rainy days, humidity levels above 80%, the wind blows throughout the year with The highest average speed of 14 knots and 2.5 knots lowest.

Pumpa (Male) Dani's Tribe.

dani tribal men.
The myth tells that the first / first man named Dani Pumpa (Men) and Nali nali (Women) that goes into the Baliem Valley from the east through a Goa. There are some sources that say the release of the first Goa first man is from Goa Kali Huam (Regional Siepkosy), others say from Goa in the Regional Pugima and some say that the release of the first man dani tribe is derived from the entrance of the wind in the area Kurima .

Forests where Dani live very rich flora and fauna that are endemic often like paradise, Mambruk, parrot various insect and butterfly diverse color and tone. To the culture of the Dani alone, although Dani tribe of Christians, many of the ceremonies they still figured the old culture derived from their ancestors. Dani believed to rekwasi. The whole religious ceremony accompanied by singing, dancing and offerings to the ancestors. War and hostility usually occurs because of a problem crossing the border areas and women.

Dani's Women.

Dani's Women. 

In this rekwasi, the soldiers will usually make tanfa with lard, shells, feathers, cuscus, sago paste, mango tree sap, and flowers in their body parts. Hand them carrying traditional weapons such as spears Dani, axes, machetes and bows and their arrows.

Dani's Old Woman.

Dani's Old Woman.
One of the other unique customs of the Dani tribe itself is a habit they are singing songs of heroism and or sad stories to encourage and also barriers of time when they are working. To the accompaniment of musical instruments or sang hum itself is usually a Pikon musical instrument, namely a tool inserted between their nostrils and ears. Besides as praising, this tool also doubles as a cue to a friend or foe in the woods when hunting.

Red Hat and the Axe. 

Dani Commander.
The name itself is actually meaningful Dani foreigners, which is derived from the word Ndani, but because there is a change fenom N disappear and be Dani alone. Dani was actually prefer to be known Parim tribes. This tribe is very respectful of his ancestors with the respect they are usually done through pig feasts.


For the language itself, Dani has 3 sub native language as a whole, and all three are ancient languages ​​which then over time, the third sub ​​native language is also split into different variants known today in Papua. Sub native language it is;
Sub-family 1 Wano
2 Sub families who terdri ataslogat Dani Dani Center West and the valley of the Great accent Dugawa
3 Sub Nggalik family - Dugawa.

Dani's Young Girl.

Dani's Young Girl.
We can not deny anymore that Dani and the rest of the tribe inhabiting the Baliem Valley in Papua Wamena is an invaluable cultural property and must be in the preserve. Cultural tourism can be used to introduce its uniqueness all over the world.

Dani's Women in Frame.
For those of you who want to get closer to know Dani, please visit and interact with them in the Baliem Valley, Wamena - Papua. they are very open with anyone.

Dani's & Smookey. 

Dani warrior.
Especially for those of you who live in Papua but have not been to Wamena, Now is the time. the old and again. Thank you for reading this article. Written and posted by Bambang Sunarno. 

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You know the famous lakes in the world.


1.   Lake Nemrut, Turkey. 

The scenery is so beautiful stretch of water in the region became the main object of this nature. Its own lake water temperature is very cold, reaching 15 degrees Celsius. If you go to this lake, you will find many geologists the world and lovers of photography that makes this natural wonder as a research object and a hone their hobby.

2.   Lake Crater (Crater Lake), Oregon, United States. 

Crater Lake is located in the 9th in list of world's deepest lake, with depths reaching 595 meters. The lake was formed after Mount Mazama erupted and landslides many years ago. According to the Klamath tribe who live near the lake, it is said there was a great fight between Skell (God of the Sky) by Llao (god of the Dark) before the formation of Crater Lake. Until now, people still consider Klamath Lake is sacred.

3.   Blue Lake (Blue Lake) in South Australia. 

If you visit this lake in winter, then you will get a view of the frozen lake grayish so amazing. Whereas if you come here in the summer, you will get a view of the clear blue lake, reflecting the color of the sky is so blue. If the color of the sky turned into a bit brighter, the color of the lake surface will follow. Blue Lake has a depth of 75 meters, with an area of ​​1087 meters multiplied by 657 meters.

4.  Lake Nyos, Cameroon West. 

Crater Lake usually is rich in minerals, and can be dangerous as well. Smoke from mineral content can spread as far as a dozen kilometers and poisoning residents who live near the lake. Such was the state of Lake Nyos is located in West Cameroon, which can remove carbon dioxide fumes at any time without any prior sign. Beautiful indeed, but dangerous as well.

5.  Ojos del Salado Lake, Argentina-Chile. 

Crater Lake is one of the most highest in the world. Located in Ojos del Salado mountain peak at an altitude of 6390 meters. Landscape with water so blue background snowy mountain peaks that have made ​​him one of the natural wonders of the world's most amazing.

6.   Lake Manicouagan in Quebec, Canada. 

Known also as the 'Eye of Quebec' aka 'Eye of Quebec', this one crater lake is one of the biggest water reservoir in Canada. The lake was formed about 214 years ago by asteroid impacts. Having beyond 1942 square kilometers, the lake is also enhanced by the presence of Mount Babel island in the middle of it.

7.   Lake Vico, Italy. 

Lake Vico is located in the central part of Italy, and attracted so many tourists to come there. The lake is located at an altitude of 150 meters above sea level, making it the highest lake in Italy. According to myth, the lake is made ​​by the hand of Hercules, the son of the sky.
Interested to visit one of these lakes once in a lifetime?
Thank you for reading this article. Written and posted by Bambang Sunatno. 
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Thursday, 18 September 2014


Welcome to Pindul.
The view from the Pindul
Place Village Bejiharjo, Karangmojo, Gunungkidul, Indonesia
Length of 350 m (1,100 ft)
Cave opening October 10, 2010
Pindul are attractions such as caves located in the village Bejiharjo, District Karangmojo, Gunungkidul. Pindul known because of the way down the cave that is done by climbing on top of the tube underground river inside the cave, this activity known as cave tubing. Underground river starts from the mouth of the cave until the end of the cave, inside the cave there is only a narrow part of the tube can be passed, so that travelers usually will alternate one by one to skip this section. Pindul long cave is 350 meters with a width of 5 meters and the distance the water level with the roof of the cave 4 meters. Pindul caving takes approximately one hour that ends at a dam. River flow inside Pindul comes from springs gedong Seven. Pindul tourist attraction was inaugurated on October 10, 2010.


Travelers who will do the cave tubing equipped with safety equipment and tires to float down the cave.
Bejiharjo village located in the karst hills so dominated by rocks. Pindul can be reached from the city of Yogyakarta using private vehicles such as motorcycles or cars passing through Wonosari, located approximately 7 km to the north of the city Wonosari, after entering the village Bejiharjo, proceed to follow the asphalt road. Location Pindul secretariat located at the end of the road. Search inside the cave there will be rock formations of stalactites, which is a type of secondary minerals that hang on the ceiling of limestone caves. In fact, there are stalactites that have grown up under and be like pillars. Some karst rock is still alive and dripping water. Pindul divided into three zones, namely zone of bright, well-lit and dark. One part Pindul there is a wide enough so it looks like a pool and there is a gap wide enough incoming sunlight. This vulnerability can also be passed as a pathway by means of entering the cave vertically. Tourist attractions around there Pindul Wren Cave (dry cave), General Sudirman heritage monuments, and archaeological sites Sokoliman.


Legend naming Pindul believed and told from generation to generation by the surrounding community comes from the story that traces the journey Joko Singlulung dense forests, rivers, up to the cave to look for his father. While we were down 7 caves that have streams below, Joko head hit a rock fault is in the cave. The cave is named after a hit Joko Pindul derived from the Javanese word meaning gebendul cheek cheek bump.

Yogyakarta has many interesting sights to visit the cave. Location tourist caves or cave tubing in Yogyakarta can be easily reached by car is no exception with the bike. One of the examples of cave tour in Jogja interesting is Pindul in Gunungkidul Yogyakarta. Glance Pindul area located in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta, precisely in the area Event Hamlet I, Bejiharjo, Karangmojo, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. Besides Pindul in Gunung Kidul also has other tourist caves like Seropan Cave, and cave Kalisuci. Pindul have a history or a story of its own.

Pindul name comes from a story in which a young man named Ricardo Singlulung search for missing father, along with many forests and caves, all of a sudden he stumbles his head on one of the rocks in this cave, the cave where he was eventually named this stumble Pindul .

Pindul have such unique beauty stalagmites and stalagmites sparkle white crystals at various angles in the cave. Amid the cave, there is a rather large room, with a hole on top, the sun coming through this hole to make the atmosphere more beautiful. Admission ticket Rp. 50.000, - to guide facilities, village-style snacks, meals and equipment. If you already bring their own equipment, such as life jackets, rubber tires and so forth, can be directly entered for free on this site, but if you do not bring the preparation of home, then you just pay the rent.
If you happened to be visiting Central Java, please visit the cave Pindul, you definitely want to go back again.  Thank you for reading this article.
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Mantis shrimp with rainbow visions dangerous.


Mantis shrimp.
Describes the ability of a color is determined by the number of cone cells in the eye. Man who had 3 cone cells (blue, red, and green) has a range of color combinations are more complete than the eyes of a dog that only has 2 cones, the blue and green.

Even so, human color vision is still less than the butterfly and mantis shrimp. Butterflies have 5 cones so that they can see a spectrum of colors that can not be processed by the human brain.

Mantis shrimp, which is one of the members of the sub-phylum Crustacea, could see more of the color spectrum than other animal species on earth. This is because the number of cone cells are embedded in the eyes of the mantis shrimp totaling 16 pieces.

This visual ability is in contrast with the body color of the mantis shrimp tend to be colorful with a combination of red, blue, green, purple, orange, and a number of other colors.

Harmful mantis shrimp.
Although it looks beautiful, but actually mantis shrimp is one of the most dangerous predators in the water. Mantis shrimp has 2 pieces in his front claws are capable of attacking with pace on par with the type of caliber-22 gun.

In addition to speed, the mantis shrimp attacks are feared because of their power to 1,500 Newton in less than 3/1000 sec. As a comparison, if the man has an arm with a tenth of the speed of the force, then people will be able to throw the ball up to orbit.

In addition again, mantis shrimp attack speed to make the water boil around the attack for a few minutes. So although attacks against enemy misses, water with thousands of Kelvin temperatures will injure or even kill its prey.

Because of this strength, the mantis shrimp is usually avoided as pets in aquariums. Besides being able to attack and kill the whole aquarium, mantis shrimp claw strength also proved capable of breaking the glass aquarium.

Mantis Shrimp Eyes Super 

Diversity of marine fauna become an interesting topic for discussion. Each animal has a characteristic that was never thought of. One of the marine animals that have a uniqueness that is the mantis shrimp (mantis shrimp). This fauna have eyes that can see a lot of colors and even exceed human capabilities.

What makes this shrimp can see a variety of light? We look at the structure of the mantis shrimp eye. He has an eye facet, which is a collection of eye contained in the large eyes. Mantis shrimp has 10,000 small eyes (ommatidia) in each eye.
Big eyes of mantis shrimp is divided into three parts which have different tasks, the top serves to detect the shape and movement. This feature can make the mantis shrimp see an object with a hand and a different color.
These animals can distinguish 100,000 colors. That means 10 times more than the ability of the human eye. Semantically shrimp can also see a kind of color called circular polarized light (CPL). This ability can not be owned by another animal.
Super and magical eye that helps to detect enemy mantis shrimp and prey. In fact it is used to identify the capabilities partner during mating season arrives. But, the ability possessed only a few species of mantis alone. Thank you for reading this article.
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