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Monday, 5 August 2013


Think of water as his close friend.At the age of four years Ranomi Kromowidjojo have felt that swimming was a part of his life. He became a strong swimmer in individual numbers after winning relay gold at the 2008 Olympics.One day in July 1992, Netty Deemter panicked when he saw his son, Ranomi, gelagapan almost drowned. Without thinking, Neety was immediately plunged into the pool to save the upik.Ranomi who was then three years old was saved. Remarkably, the incident in the middle of a family vacation in Spain that almost claimed the lives that did not make the upik Ranomi Kromowidjojo whose full name is being traumatized.In contrast, Java-blooded man's daughter Suriname Rudy Poniran Kromowidjojo it even considers the water like his best friend."I feel constantly like to swim at that time. A year later, at the age of four years, I have been swimming fanatics. Throughout the day, all the time I spend in the pool," said Ranomi that on Aug. 20 to 22-year-old issue of Elle magazine Netherlands.Friendship with water, coupled with hard work, that's what eventually led Ranomi be swimming queen of the Netherlands. In the windmill, a little curly-haired girl called De Nieuwe (The New) Inge de Bruijn, refer to the former Dutch swimmer and four-time Olympic champion holds the world record.Like Inge, Ranomi also won three Olympic gold in two Olympics, 2008 and 2012. Unfortunately, the World Pool Championship 2013 being held in Barcelona, ​​Spain, achievements Ranomi little slump. He was only able to win two bronze in the 4x100 meter numbers and 100 meter freestyle. However, he was determined to get the gold in his favorite number, 50 meter freestyle.Ranomi comparisons with De Bruijn unavoidable. Its success took gold 50 meter and 100 meter freestyle at the 2012 Olympics made the first Dutch women swimmers Ranomi who won the freestyle sprint after De Bruijn did at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. In addition to the gold medal 50 meter and 100 meter freestyle, 13 years ago, De Bruijn also got a gold 100-meter butterfly.
"Of course it's a great honor received the title (The New) Inge de Bruijn. I also really respect him. However I prefer people to call me with Ranomi alone," said the woman who is now most famous in his native village, Sauwerd, about 15 kilometers from Groningen, the Netherlands.
Ranomi already feel that swimming is bagiuan of her life when at the age of four years.
At that time he had received a diploma certificate for its ability to be "human fish."
Ranomi Ducalf then join the club to get a diploma in Bedum B. That's where the competitive ability of Ranomi start honed. To further sharpen his ability, every morning Ranomi also practiced in the swimming club under the tutelage of Groningen Trivia Siep van Royen.
"I'm not too jealous of my friends who spent time playing. I just want to swim, and it was fun once," he says.
Feeling stuck in individual numbers, Ranomi honed ability to continue to perform on a number 4x100 meter freestyle. The struggle was not in vain. Dutch team finally got the 2008 Beijing Olympics gold medal.
Although becoming Olympic champion team number, Ranomi not satisfied. Shortly after returning from Beijing, he decided to move to Eindhoven to train harder under top trainers Netherlands Jacco Verhaeren. Target biggest is the 2012 London Olympics.
Ranomi's dream come true, she won two gold 50 meter and 100 meter freestyle. But ironically, in the 4x100 meter relay which has been the mainstay of the Dutch, Tulip State only got the silver after losing by a team led by Australia's Cate Campbell, swimmers are actually long been an admirer Ranomi.

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DatePublished: August 05, 2013 at 18:38