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Friday, 16 August 2013

Again and Again Hampered Temperament.

Important lessons learned while Brazil defeated Switzerland yesterday. That is how Brazil, which is known as the beautiful game (jogo bonito) actually appear otherwise. Thiago Silva and his friends playing temperamental and tend to be rough.
Players like Neymar were easily provoked emotions. In the 23rd minute, Neymar received a yellow card for kicking the Swiss right-back Stephan Lichsteiner from behind. Star Barcelona striker was also the target of the home fans boo because whining to the referee for a free kick was given in the fall.
Brazilian defender too excessive. Marcelo example.
In addition to encouraging advance Lichsteiner, left Barsil it also block the movement of Xherdan Shaqiri harshly.
Not to forget that Dante was caught on camera stepping on the body of Swiss striker who is always troublesome Brazilian defense throughout the match, Haris Seferovic.
The incident had sparked protests from the home side as eluding a referee.
"Switzerland is a team that often kicking opposing players and tend to persist.'s Hard to face a team like that," complained Neymar.
Experience at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa should be a lesson.
Brazil cruised smoothly since the group phase, and then the last 16, was forced to give up 1-2 from the Netherlands in the quarter-finals. One reason is not because the Brazilian failed to control your temper. Felipe Melo should be sent off because of stepping on Arjen Robben.
The experience was repeated in the final of the 2012 London Olympics. Mano Menezes is also entrusted with the Olympic national team of Brazil (Brazil U-23) made ​​his players lose concentration as the field continues to argue with the court. As a result failed to achieve the gold medal after a 1-2 defeat by Mexico.
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